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                                    • Talent Development
                                      Talent Development

                                      Development mechanism: Providing a dual development model of management + profession, creating an optimal platform for employee growth.

                                      Training mechanism: Following the dual development model, the company has designed a comprehensive training system. By implementing a “take-off” training plan for university students, a “gold plate” development plan for first line shift leaders, a "voyage" improvement plan for medium and low-level management personnel, a “navigator” excellence plan for high-level executives, and other projects, the company has built a ladder for its talent to climb.

                                    • Talent Concept
                                      Talent Concept

                                      Talent philosophy: Respect the talent and help them succeed; create shared values, knowledge and wealth.

                                      Talent selection: People that identify with our culture, possess both skill and integrity, are positive, and are willing to take on responsibility.